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The Predictive Dialer

The Predictive Dialer technology goes by many names including Predictive Dialer, Automatic Predictive Dialer, Robo Call, and more. Businesses in almost every segment of the economy are leveraging Predictive Dialer Software to boost productivity, control expenses, and increase their revenue. In fact, an Auto Dialer can improve almost every business function for most organizations. Letís take a closer look at how the Predictive Dialer Software can help your company meet its goals with minimal effort and expense:

A Feature-Packed Product Review this list of popular features to learn more about the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Operator product:

- Low operating costs and high return on investment
- Setup and configure an Auto Daieler program in as little as 20 minutes
- Automatically transfers the call to the agent when the call is answered, a voice message is completed, or a caller presses the key designated for live assistance
- Ability to automatically hang up on busy signals,no answers, and answering machines
- Records conversations for agent evaluations and quality control
- Automatically transfers on-screen account information to the agent with the call
- Integrates with Windows-based applications and databases
- Includes management reporting to provide statistical data on active vs. idle time and more

Increased Agent Productivity

When efficiency experts took a look at a typical call center, the statistics for outbound calls were shocking. Can you believe that 45 minutes out of every hour was wasted as call agents waited for dial tones, waited for the phone to ring, and frequently received a busy signal, an answering machine, or no answer at all for their efforts? On average, each agent only spent 15 out of every 60 minutes talking to their intended target.


                         Manual Dialing. 15 Minutes Tallk Time VS 45 Minutes Dead Time.

Once businesses implemented an automatic predictive dialer to manage the dead time involved with an outbound call center, productivity went up by as much as 300% in most cases. Suddenly, agents were spending 48 minutes or more actually speaking to customers. As a result, payroll expenses were decreased while inbound revenue increased dramatically. When you compare the benefits to the cost of this affordable telemarketing product, the decision to use an Auto Dialer Operator is an easy one to make.


                    Predictive dialing. 48 Minutes Tallk Time vs 12 Minutes Dialing Time.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

Of course, itís hard to increase productivity when you install a product thatís extremely difficult to use. Suddenly, your call time drops because your agents donít understand the basic process, and the few that did catch on are spending all of their time helping their coworkers.

With the Predictive Dialer, this will never be a problem. Our Auto Dialer is extremely easy to use. Although we provide a simple, but thorough, user manual and help text, most users find that our phone broadcast software is intuitive and needs no further explanation.

No Special Knowledge is Needed

User training is just one small part of launching a new system. Many other telemarketing products require the host company to bring in a team of experts for a smooth deployment and start-up. The Predictive Dialer process, on the other hand, doesnít require any special knowledge to take full advantage of this powerful auto dialer tool.

Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly

When you compare the affordable cost of Phone Broadcast Software to the amount of money you will save by taking advantage of an automatic predictive dialer program, deciding to add this new business tool to your program is a smart business decision. In addition to reducing expenses, a Predictive Dialer also increases your revenue by increasing sales and collections to improve your cash flow.

The Predictive Dialer - Phone broadcast software can increase employee satisfaction and further reduce your expenses by allowing you to create a telecommuting program. Voice2Phone Predictive Dialer programs make it possible for your call agents to work from anywhere including their home. With this choice, you can further reduce your expenses by minimizing office overhead. Even if you donít allow your employees to telecommute on a daily basis, it can benefit both your staff and your operation if call agents can work from home in the event of bad weather or a natural disaster.

No Hardware or Extra Phone Lines Required

Because an automatic predictive dialer product leverages the strength of VoIP technology, your existing PCs and broadband capabilities are used by the Predictive Dialer Software to activate telemarketing calls. In addition to your Internet connection, you will need to supply your employees with USB headsets, but you wonít need any additional hardware or landline phone lines.

In addition to keeping your setup and maintenance costs low, the fact that your business wonít need to install any additional hardware or phone lines means that you can setup a VoIP Dialer within hours. After all, in these hard economic times, you canít miss out on an opportunity to install a new telemarketing procedure that is virtually guaranteed to offer a win-win situation where the business owner can increase revenue while reducing expenses for a more attractive bottom line.

To learn more about the Predictive Dialer product, contact us today. One of our telecommunication experts will provide all of the information you need to get started right away.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/2012, One Core CPU, 512MB of RAM, Internet access
Better system, better work.

You can use our VOIP services with Predictive Dialer.