iGOTEK Online Security Corparation
Online Security Corporation


Online Security

We secure your online systems.

We are the biggest online security team all over the world. We protect and secure the online systems. We watch the online systems to block hacker attacks. If the hackers attack your online systems and you need protection, we provide best protection. We protect online banking web pages, IP PBX systems, hosting services, dedicated VPS systems. You can watch, protect and secure your systems by yourself. But we can do it better.

Our team is online all the time of predefined times. You can define our work-time. So you dont have to spend so much money for the protection, you can save your money.

If you pay us for our services, you dont have any right on our employees. By the way, you dont have to pay us for our services. You can have your own personals trained by us. You can have all of ability about the employee. You define and pay the salary of the employee. In this case, you will have all of responsibility of the employee.

We don't offer any protection for shared systems.