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The Auto Dialer

The best auto dialer software of the world !

Auto Dialer software is a windows-based application which uses VoIP and SIP technology to automatically call each number on your list, deliver your recorded voice message and, if appropriate, record any responses by the call recipient. Auto Dialer Software can record touch tone key responses as well as speech.

Easy to setup and easy to use. Auto Dialer Software is a simple Wizard-like application. Auto Dialer Software requires only a computer and an Internet connection to allow you to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. Auto Dialer Software makes it easy to perform large numbers of calls in a very short period of time.

How it works ??

   1. Record your own message
   2. Import phone list from MS Excel or other program
   3. Setup your VoIP Provider or PBX settings
   4. Start your auto dialing campaign

Key Features

Show the real-time call status
Automatically adds a prefix such as local area code to phone numbers
Detects answering machines or voicemail systems, skip a "Welcome Message" and plays a message
Records a voice response
Ignores duplicated phone numbers
Automatically redials if the phone number is busy or not answered
Touch-tone Interactive Voice Response Supported
Missed callss

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/2012, One Core CPU, 512MB of RAM, Internet access
Better system, better work.
5 Lines Standart Edition and One Line Professional Edition are in NO MORE SALE LIST.

We sell Auto Dialer software but we don't allow our VOIP services to be used with Auto Dialer softwares.